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By Rydens: Modern Copper Lights Shine

by-rydens -sculpturally-modern-copper-lighting-1.jpg
There’s just something about copper that makes it my favorite metal. And when copper is used to create unique and sculptural light pendants such as this Planet Taklampa, well, need I say more?

by-rydens -sculpturally-modern-copper-lighting-2.jpg
The starburst of copper discs from Planet Taklampa gleam at different intensities, due to the layered design around the bulbs.
by-rydens -sculpturally-modern-copper-lighting-3.jpg
Of course, copper is just as exquisite when used as a singular statement. This Captain Golvlampa floor lamp is also available as a pendant.
by-rydens -sculpturally-modern-copper-lighting-4.jpg
If you’re in search of a minimalist look – these beautiful Charm Taklampa pendants are spectacular over a counter.
by-rydens -sculpturally-modern-copper-lighting-5.jpg
Whichever is your style, any of these copper light are sure to be the center of attention – no matter where they shine.
by-rydens -sculpturally-modern-copper-lighting-6.jpg
By Rydens


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