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Austrian house with copper exterior and slanted shape

Like a suit of copper armor protecting the jewel inside, this Ybbsitz-area home designed by Austrian architects Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig is an architectural gem that’s worth a closer look. This unusual house plan features an industrial style metal clad exterior that encloses its contemporary style interiors. Another notable feature of this house is its shape – “respectfully” leaning away from the church right next door. The rhombus-shaped silhouette stands at a slant that translates to interiors, where the angled walls put a twist on everyday living. A glass wall frames snapshots of the historic city surrounding it. Check it out.

The compact house was built atop two garages, offering 1720 sq. ft. of living space overlooking the the city. From the architects, “It respectfully bends away from the neighboring church, widening the space in between. The wooden construction is covered with copper – a metallic membrane as reference to a region that has been known for its blacksmith tradition for centuries.”
The flat-top structure features a large glass wall which serves to break up the mass of metal, while inviting light and views inside. A collection of smaller windows dot the upper level.
The home’s factory aesthetic comes via weathered copper clad panels and steel details that lead residents and guests to the main entrance.
The steel is a cool complement to the industrial style stairs to the front door. C’mon in!
Inside, you immediately see the influence of the exterior shape. The slanting walls are highlighted by the natural grain appearing in the wood walls, floor and ceiling.
The kitchen cooks up contemporary style in its all-white, open design. The stair enclosure behind it becomes a built-in focal point.
While not a “dining room” per se, this eating and entertaining nook makes the most of these lively urban views. The sliding glass wall opens to a small terrace overlooking the streets below.
And surprise! That isn’t the only sliding wall in this house.
An interior wall separating two apartments tucks into the back wall, transforming two windows into an exposed window face, doubling living space, light and views.
The bedroom is a serene retreat with an adjoining ensuite bathroom lined by a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. Sheer curtains add to the gauzy, spa aesthetic, providing privacy without compromising on natural light.
We love the effect of the warm interior glow against the cold, weathered copper. It just makes you want to go in and explore.
First level:
Second level:
Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig
photo credit: Andreas Buchberger & Weinfranz


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