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Slanted Walls House boasts many unique features!

Sometimes it’s the place you’re in that can put a new slant on how you see the world, and this angled wall house by Giovanni D’Ambrosio does just that. Located in Mount Hotham, Australia, this house features massive glass walls that are positioned at a slant, giving the design a unique architectural interest while widening the outdoor views and giving the classic, earthy interiors a modern twist.
australian house with slanted walls 1 Slanted Walls House boasts many unique features!

This design incorporates traditional materials like stone, wood and metal historically used in the area, giving the house a rustic cabin style, only on a much grander scale. The material palette is complemented by the natural vistas visible through the expansive windows – perfectly in tune with the architect’s sentiment. According to the designer, “This is the idea I wanted to base the project upon: treat interior and external spaces as if they were the same.”
australian house with slanted walls 4 Slanted Walls House boasts many unique features!
The main level is occupied by the social living and lounging areas, and opens onto an outdoor deck area, while the private living spaces – two bedrooms, and the master bedroom with ensuite and spa – are tucked away privately upstairs. Despite the extensive glazing that blurs the indoor/outdoor boundary, interiors still have a very cozy, cave-like look and feel.
Both indoors and out, an instant hotspot are the amazing stone fireplace features, which really add to the chalet-like ambiance.
Further respecting the environment that it was built in and inspired by, the house was designed in such a way as to have minimal impact on the existing trees and vegetation.
And here’s one amazing bathroom settup …
Giovanni D’Ambrosio



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