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Scary Cool Spinal Staircase is Eerie and Elegant

Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop designed this amazing apartment in Mumbai, India that begs the question, sculpture or staircase? The stunning wood staircase structure is somewhat of an enigma, its curving wood planks stretching across horizontally before dramatically veering upward, physically and visually connecting the main level with the upper. The wood’s natural, organic charm is warm against the rest of the apartment’s cool backdrop of contemporary marble, clean white walls and undulating ceilings.

The open rise of the stair really enhances the artistic effect, highlighting the details of the design as the sunlight streams through. The look is spine-like, but the feeling of the curve is cradle-like, perfect for sitting, reading, waiting…
Eerie, elegant and alluring, all at once.
Wood appears as an accent throughout this modern apartment, complementing the staircase and always leading the eye back to this intriguing design.
via Design42day and Arch Daily


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