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Scandinavian Design Ideas For Contemporary Lifestyles by Muuto

Split Table and Nerd Chairs Create Cozy Dining Zone
Almost a trestle table – but not, the Split Table is the perfect addition to a modernist décor with touches of a mid-century aesthetic. The splayed legs, while referencing the 50s style, are made more 21st century with their chunky and angular profile as well as by the split and bent craftsmanship at the top of the legs. The chunkier split legs makes this table a perfect foil for the oversized dining pendants above and the overall pale colour scheme allows the pastels of the Nerd Chairs to speak volumes. The soft palette is perfect for small spaces as neither the pastels nor the pale woods will overpower a room.

Adaptable Table Creates Contemporary Country Chic Corner
This updated version of a classic Scandinavian dining table brings a flavour of authenticity to any room, but the more contemporary detail of a duo material leg bridges the gap between what was and what is. Styled with a pale wood and white finish and paired with a contemporary collection of bulb pendants, this dining corner creates the perfect modern day farmhouse aesthetic and how awesome would it be to see these same two selections in an industrial loft space and surrounded by 6 or 8 Lucite chairs.
Home Office with Bragging Rights
What better table to use in a home office then a table based in the study of geometry, and if that table is where you kids do their homework maybe it can help! The 70/70 table is formulated from two cast aluminium squared frames which – in this vignette – are powder coated in a stylish green in for a modernist profile of no muss no fuss. Adding to the clean lines is the addition of the Visu Chair comprised of a bent plywood back and seat with a powder coated steel base. The chair is also a green shade, albeit a darker one as is the single pendant light and the desk lamp. My favourite thing to do in a guest bedroom is to replace a bedside table with a clean lined desk and chair and the 70/70 and Visu in their green shades paired with bed linens that feature an oversized foliage print would be just awesome. Not only will your guests have a stylish place to check their emails, they will also have a private spot to make phone calls, have a cup of coffee or just relax.
Stacked Shelfs Carefully Planned to look Random
A carefully planned layout of Stacked shelfs, some with a back and some without, some in white and some in wood can create what appears to be a random collage of boxes all carefully balanced on top of each other. Whether doing a complete wall or just a few shelfs behind a couch, the vignette offers a casual looseness perfect for those who prefer a relaxed atmosphere but also great for anyone that has collections of varying heights and widths. I would love to see a collection of artisan wood, stone and pottery pieces displayed in a Stacked Shelf System against a wall in a home office.
Stylish Family Get Togethers at Meal Time
Hand carved with a band saw the Raw Chair creates a rustic wrap for the Adaptable Table’s more refined silhouette and whether choosing to use the chair in the same colour as the table or a contrasting one, the overall effect is one of comfort and relaxation. In an eat in kitchen that does not have an island – or even if it does, using the Adaptable Table with 6 of the Raw Chairs would make family meal times more enjoyable and probably longer.
Modernist Family Room With Whimsical Touches
The most important thing in a family room is the addition of a super comfy sofa and the Connect Sofa System is just that and more. The sleek lines and soft pastel colouring create a base from which the rest of the room expands upon. The vignette of Stacked Shelfs add to the cozy feel of the room and the addition of bold yellow moments on the shelving play off of the pastel sofa system. Adding a touch of whimsy to the space is the Around Coffee Tables with their framed edge detail that doesn’t quite make it all the way around. The use of two tables verses one keeps the casual tone of the room flowing and the different heights and colours of the tables adds a rhythm to the room that is continued through the Reflect Sideboard and its concave drawer fronts and splayed legs.
Functional Foyer Fun
Entry ways are spaces that usually get overlooked which is too bad as they are the first thing people see when they enter your home. Its never easy to make a small foyer both functional and pretty, but it can be done. This vignette is a great example of how to create a foyer that is both stylish and useful. Large button hooks on the wall create hanging space for coats and purses but when not used morph into modernist art forms. Stackable Shelfs whether mounted singularly on the wall or grouped together to create a low cabinet are the perfect place for incidentals while also offering counter surface for display items. Every foyer needs a seat and what better chair then a pastel Nerd Chair that is small in profile, sleek in design, and comfortable to sit on.
The Skinny on Living Large
Sofas usually take up a lot of visual space but that is not the case on the Oslo Sofa – or chair, or ottoman. The skinny legs and angular lines in the Oslo collection create a contemporary arrangement that does not hide what lays beneath it. What I love about the open and airy feel to this series is how the floor is as important as the furniture so if you have an area rug that is more art then rug what better furniture to use on it then the Oslo collection, and while the Oslo pieces sport skinny legs, the seating is deep and cozy giving you the best of both worlds. Paired with the Oslo pieces is the Around Coffee Table, which also offers a clear view of the floor below. Even though each of these designs incorporates skinny leg profiles, the design aesthetics create dynamic statements so that only a few pieces are needed to fill a large space.
More information: Muuto Nordic Furniture Collection


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