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Ideas for Small Space Living


For small apartments with open plans, a divider wall can help define zones. In this scenario, the divider is outfitted with a media center on the living side while the dining side features a storage cabinet. Lining the walls with white storage cubes and creating the divider out of white create a soft visual transformation from one space to the other.

Not all open plans are long enough to support a divider wall but division can be created by changing the materials and functions of the wall while transitioning into the next zone. Here a natural wood shelving unite ties in with the dining table and chairs and helps define the edges of this zone while a black media unit frames the living zone. The niche between the two areas is the perfect place for a retro speaker topped with a contemporary ipod mounting station.
Using the natural wood shelving and the black media wall to define zones can create the perfect colour palette for the rest of your home. Here, they have brought the black into the kitchen via a chalkboard wall and door and colours are introduced via the vibrant chalk choices. Painting the wall with magnetic paint before painting the chalk board paint allows you to attach items to the wall with magnets for an added layer of personalization.
ideas-small-space-lifestyles-4-blue door.jpg
An easy way to make the most of a small space is to outfit as many walls as possible with storage. Keeping the walls and the cabinetry the same colour allows the cabinetry to blend out while adding in pops of colour – in this case the blue door – keeps the space vibrant and fresh. Adding in a small work station within a wall of cabinets keeps the station contained while offering plenty of space to store supplies. Tying in the wood work surface with the wood coffee table with the flooring and doors (except the blue one of course) brings in a layer of warmth. The worktable can be pulled out and widened into a dining table via the drop down leaf that currently rests against the wall.
ideas-small-space-lifestyles-5-media wall.jpg
Walls of cabinetry can also incorporate all your media needs by simply leaving a section bare of shelving, covering the wall with panels of wood and then fitting the niche with a low media console and a floating section that offers mounting space for the TV while hiding the wiring behind. The TV panel is fitted with side shelves for additional storage and cleverly hidden within the wall paneling is a doorway to the next room.
The size of this media space is tiny and the furnishings are therefore kept to a bare minimum. Adding in a blast of personality is done via the vibrant colour and choice of furnishings. A powder blue wall and an Eames chair fitted with turquoise leather bring on the colour while the fun Lucite table with a suspended table cloth silhouette fun’s up the space.
The fun factor is continued with the choice of pillows on the sofa and the sofa, due to its size, is kept both simple and neutral. Behind the media room is the bedroom and the headboard wall continues the powder blue theme while the linens leaves the turquoise behind in favour of a midnight blue palette.
Kitchens are tricky when they’re small. To create a functional space that any chef would be happy to use takes careful planning and strategic placement. Once the bones are sorted out personality can be brought in through choice of materials and colour. A Chalkboard wall is always a fun way to jazz up a kitchen space and next to white cabinetry, the black finish also brings in a pop of contrast.
When bedrooms are small it is a good idea to forgo the standard bedside table in favour of a desk or dresser. With the location of the window in this bedroom the designer has custom created a bedside dresser that morphs into a window seat.

For those tiny apartments that just can’t find room for a complete dining table and chair set, this concept of art transforming into table is the perfect idea. When up the art is flanked by two iconic chairs for a classic seating arrangement, and when the table is dropped into place, the chairs pull up for comfortable dining.
When the flip down table is in the up position the table framework transforms into a frame for art which in this case is a vintage poster. The thick frame created by the table is a nice modern touch.
If wall-to-wall cabinetry is not in the budget, a small space can still be wrapped in low shelving for additional storage and seating. Here one wall is outfitted with a grey machine made unite while the other wall has a living edge slab fitted as the shelf. A photo vignette of family and friends is fitted tightly together with only one or two inches between the frames to keep the photos from feeling busy. By using a variety of frame finishes the frames become part of the overall pattern
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