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Over-sized Round Suspension Light by Zava is up to 6 feet in diameter!

Fill your house with light with round suspension lamps by Zava ….. quite literally! We’d like to present three ceiling light designs by Zava that offer sizeable quality lighting in dome form: The Ociu, the Luna, and the Amedeo. The Ociu (below) is the largest of all three, which measures over six ft in diameter! Imagine the statement such an expansive piece of lighting would make in your entertainment space. If you’ve got the ceiling height (the lamp is almost 3 ft high), why not use it to the fullest. The Luna is slightly less invasive but would nevertheless be eye-catching. It provides you with several possibilities to fit your home as it is available in two, three, or four ft in diameter, and in black or white. Lastly, the Amedeo is smaller at its nineteen inches, but is also available as an interior or exterior light for those warm patio evenings. All three suspension lamps are by Zava.



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