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Tubular Ceiling Light by Zava

zava tubular ceiling light bull Tubular Ceiling Light by Zava
Looking for a tubular ceiling light that is modern, straightforward and yet absolutely striking? The Bull ceiling light by Zava is bold in its minimalism. It takes up less physical space than most other ceiling lamps, yet is captivating due to its distinctive tubular form. The suspended lamp resembles wind chimes or percussion instruments, and one might almost expect to hear music or bells. The body of the light is available from 4″ long to almost 20″ long and in four colors: Satin-finish aluminium, red, black or white. It can be set as low as you want for direct accent lighting or over a table in place of a chandelier. No matter where you chose to hang them, the Bull ceiling lamps will match any contemporary design, from sleek to industrial, and will never cease to be noticed and admired. Zava.

zava color tubular ceiling lights Tubular Ceiling Light by Zava



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