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Tubular Glass House Gets Second Life from Solar Panel Manufacturer

This house was designed in 2013 by Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov, but funding fell through and it sat on the shelf until now. A new investor has been found for the concept home and not surprisingly, it’s a solar panel manufacturer. This environmentally friendly home has a lot to offer, not the least of which is the ability to have a full grown tree inside your living space. A very tall, full-grown tree.
Designed as an inverted tree house, it features a completely glazed and cylindrical structure to give 360-degree-views.

The home was first conceptualized in 2013 but when the investment funds fell through, it sat on the shelf for a while. Now, the home has come back to life with investment from a solar panel manufacturer.
There are four floors, connected by a spiral staircase that wraps around the tree trunk.
You are totally connected with nature in this home – through the tree growing in the center of your living space and through the glass to outside.
What a great place to sit and enjoy the view.
The architect wanted to offer an alternative to city life. We think this fits the bill.
Almassov likens climbing the staircase to arriving at different levels of spiritual enlightenment.
You certainly get a birds-eye view from the top floor of this glass house.
Glazed balustrades with wooden railings will surround the atrium on each level so as not to block the views.
An entirely glass shower cubicle mirrors the tubular form of the building.
Architects: A Masow
Photos by: A Masow


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