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Round Suspended Fireplace with Glossy Burnt Orange Finish


JC Bordelet is a French fireplace designer who creates contemporary and design metal fireplaces. Zelia 908 is a round, ceiling suspended model conceived for central positioning in the room. The structure is in metal and glass, and it is a wood burning model. There are many features that make this fireplace stand out. One is color the designer has chosen, a burned orange with glossy finish, which reminds of the 70’s. Another is the glass screen that goes all around without any interruption, thus making the flame visible from any point of view. The size makes Zelia a strong presence in the room, with its almost 1 m in diameter. The height is adjustable to fit the room it is installed in, and can come as low as to 30 cm above the floor level. This fireplace is conceived for big open spaces, and it would look particularly good in a loft, as it matches well with industrial accents. Its round shape calls for a central positioning in the room. There is something archetypal about it, as life has to somehow organize around the fire, like in the very beginnings!


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