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Nice Vanity by Roca – Stratum

roca vanity stratum Nice Vanity by Roca   Stratum
The combination of crisp, clean white porcelain sinks and natural wood bases seems to grow ever more popular in 2008. The Stratum contemporary vanity from Roca is a stunning example of the success of that partnership! It is a pleasing look that is easy to add to any contemporary interior, as the linear aspects keep the design so simple whilst effortlessly enhancing its strong design presence. Naturally a focal point, the Stratum will not take over the bathroom, and will give you plenty of leave to express your style through other items too. Not only attractive, the warm wooden vanity unit gives plenty of storage space for towels and other bathroom essentials. The doors will hide clutter away behind their smooth exterior surfaces, uninterrupted by obtrusive handles. Stratum vanity – another gorgeous design from the cutting-edge Dutch company Roca.
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roca vanity stratum1 Nice Vanity by Roca   Stratum



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