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Removable Kitchen Sink by Hughie – capture and reuse water in biodegradable plastic sink!

With Green being the big trend for 2009 and into the future, Hughie of Australia has designed a cool new product to address the current water shortage down under. The award-winning Removable Kitchen Sink by Hughie is a must for today’s modern culture of conservation. Dubbed “Product of the Year 2008” the Hughie Sink works on the principle of waste-water recycling. The Hughie removable sink captures 80 per cent of the grey water that would normally be wasted down the drain, allowing you to put it to good use in the garden, to wash your car, or for countless other applications around the house. The eco-friendly sink is lightweight and features a sturdy handle and a versatile design that fits most any kitchen sink. But beyond the kitchen, the portable Hughie Sink also comes in handy for water conservation when bathing pets, to collect rainwater, or for use in the laundry tub or in the shower. Take it with you on your boating, fishing and camping excursions for an easy, plumbing-free way to reuse your water. The Hughie removable kitchen sink is available in a range of stylish colors, and includes an integrated plug and pourer. Topping it all off, the Hughie Sink is made from environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic. Hughie. The Hughie Sink retails for $25. Hughie.



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