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Modern Staircase from Cast for a Breath-taking Weightless Look!

Cast spiral staircase Kristall
These airy staircase designs will add a feeling of spaciousness and modernity anywhere they are installed. Naturally slim and compact, this modern staircase appears minimal in a winning combination of stainless steel and tempered laminated crystal glass. Letting light filter through the glass stairs (available in a rainbow of enticing colors) is a sure-fire way to open up the atmosphere of any room. The Swing and Kristall staircase designs can incorporate linear railings with parallel rods for an interesting and safety-conscious element… or, for a more pared-down feel these railings can be made of fewer rods, or eliminated entirely. Wall-side fixings can be particularly dramatic. And, you may like to consider a spiral staircase for steeper climbs – a stunning and space-saving solution. Modern Staircases from Cast are a wonderful addition to your home.
Cast staircase Kristall - glass stair detail
Cast staircase Swing installed against the wall with no rods
Cast staircase Swing with 90-degree turn
Cast staircase Swing colors

Cast staircase Swing - stair detail in black
Cast staircase Swing in clear glass


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