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Regia Calice Washbasin – a free-standing pedestal basin

A free-standing pedestal basin, the Regia Calice adds brilliant colour and flowing form to create a lively and youthful piece. The Regia Calice basin has a sleek sweeping shape that blooms into a 50cm basin. Its unusual goblet shape gives a well balanced profile and a strong presence. Rather than break the smooth lines, the Regina Calice basin is designed for use with wall-mounted or floor faucets. This break between the basin and surround accentuates its free-standing nature and makes a dramatic statement. Available in black or white technoglass; or red, green, yellow, or blue transparent frosted glass, the Calice basin can be sleek and sophisticated or daring and bold. Designed by Bruna Rapisarda, the Regia Calice washbasin is vibrant and full of character, an outstanding choice for modern bathrooms. Complimentary fittings are also available from Regia, including ones in matching glass or with fantastic features such as the integrated shelf and towel rail.


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