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Red Stoves by Piazzetta

These red stoves from Piazzetta are hot for more than the obvious reason! This vibrant hue is sure to crank up the heat in any home.
The Stupenda stove takes a classical concept and gives it a contemporary twist, with its rounded red body featuring a star-shaped cut-out above the firebox, which is set behind a charming steel and glass door.

For a more-modern look and feel, the P963 pellet fireplace features an enameled steel body and a cast iron firebox, which you can control using your handy-dandy remote control, offering LCD display, timer, thermostat and Multicomfort function.
Swinging in the opposite style direction, the E 903 stove has a distinctly traditional look, with bold, squared edges, and charming details adorning its steel body.
Whether it’s their hot red hue of their wonderful warming qualities, these stoves are sure to warm your heart and your home. Check them out online by visiting Piazzetta.


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