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Recycled Wood Flooring by Staybull Flooring Co.

What’s underfoot may be understated in some homes, but in the most modern, most fashionable ones it makes a statement. This elegant flooring collection by Staybull Flooring Co. is just the thing to make that statement of style and sustainability. This recycled wood flooring is made of discarded lumber collected from mills around the world. It’s true – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We simply love this product, for its inconsistency in color and grains, which gives it a unique and alluring look not found anywhere else. In addition to beautifying your home, Staybull Flooring Co. is saving these cool and usable castoffs from landfills. Choose from more than 20 different wood species, all made with VOC-free, solvent-free adhesives and finishes. This is one flooring product that truly lets you breathe easy. Check it out at Staybull Flooring Co.



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