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Raw Concrete Home has Everything Inside Built from Concrete

This house is made almost entirely from concrete. The vanities, the counters, the furniture – it’s all so sleek and modern. So clean looking. The “Wein Home” in Buenos Aires, Argentina is designed by one of the country’s foremost architectural groups, Besonias Almeida Architects. And it’s built right into a sand dune! Concrete, of course, provides the most durable and most sustainable material for a sea-side home. Neither wind, nor rain, nor salt shall tear it asunder. Easy to keep, and easy to keep clean – it’s a construction material built for durability. The few interior walls are made of plaster-coated brick (coated with latex paint). Bathroom floors are an organized layout of concrete with aluminum plating, while the wall is a white ceramic overlay (see photo below). Everything in this house is streamlined and easy to maintain, with years and years of shelf life ahead. And just think how easy it would be to move in or out – little furniture required!



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