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Quick Connect Glass Pendants from W.A.C. – Flava lighting adds exciting modern style to any room…

W.A.C Flava glass pendants
The Flava Quick Connect Glass Pendants from W.A.C. lighting demand a second look. Their surprising abstract profile will turn heads… and teamed with bright colors and striking patterns Flava lighting boasts a winning combination. The quick connect pendants come in Brilliant Red, a Black and White ‘syrup-dipped’ combination, and an Amber fishscale motif which can each give inspiration for the whole look of a room. You can also choose from bronze, chrome, or platinum metal finishes. By themselves or used as a stunning grouping, the Flava Lighting glass pendant attracts closer examination leading to greater appreciation. Easy to install, you can use them with a variety of W.A.C. lighting fixtures: track, recessed, under-cabinet, decorative and monorail for the look you desire. Contact the New York based W.A.C. Lighting for more details.


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