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Modernist Mexican house with abstract shape and exciting lighting

SO Studio designed this modern Mexican home here in Cancun – a lively hotspot for vacationers and locals alike. But this coastal home isn’t your typical tropical paradise. True to this location’s animated urban-meets-paradise atmosphere, this oceanfront house brings an element of excitement to the architectural landscape here. The modernist house features a skewed silhouette with angled walls and abstract details that render it teetering on the brink of contemporary art. For art and architecture lovers alike, this unusual house is a must see!

Indoor and outdoor living areas are layered into this complex architectural design, combining heavy concrete walls, granite and wood floors, expansive windows with aluminum shades, and ultra contemporary Bisazza mosaic accents.
A large round window adds another geometric element to this house of bold vertical and horizontal lines, squared edges, and strong, straight lines.
The circular window is like an eye overlooking the sea and skyline.
Outdoor entertaining areas are dressed to the nines, featuring contemporary furnishings arranged around an irregular shaped pool – the perfect complement to the home’s own asymmetrical profile.
Interiors are just what you might expect from an exterior like this one – modern and playful, boasting a mix of materials, unexpected shapes, and colorful contemporary art at every turn.
Artful illumination adds another exciting element to the design.
A weird and wonderful staircase has something wonky about it, slightly angled and curved, appearing as though it’s “off” somehow. The vibrant red hue brings even more attention to this sculptural focal point. An interior water feature tucked beneath it brings a bit of nature into this distinctly man-made modernist house. A cascade of crystal dangles down from the ceiling, resembling a splash of water leading down to the pool below.
We’d classify this house as “busy luxury,” your eye darting from marble wall to glass windows to wood floor to the bright red stairs supported by angled steel beams. Every functional element of the home doubles as a fashion fixture that sets the tone for this extravagant artistic design.
This kitchen and dining area is the definition of “fun,” featuring unconventional lighting and even more unconventional furnishings against a backdrop of exposed concrete walls, wood ceiling and marble floor. Glass cabinets offer stylish storage space, tucking all the kitchen essentials out of sight but conveniently on hand. Chic!
With lots of glazing and freedom in terms of shape, the architects transformed a boring window into an exciting feature piece overlooking the jacuzzi tub. On the other side of the bathroom, a shaded glass wall offers waterfront and city views without compromising privacy.
Perhaps it is during the home’s sleepy hours that it is most lively, outfitted with amazing integrated lighting that sets the whole place aglow.
The artful illumination spills outside, where it complements the amazing sunset visible from the alfresco patio and pool area.
By night, the home has an electrifying, buzzing nightclub atmosphere that combines sophisticated interiors and loungy outdoors.
SO Studio
via Contemporist
photo credit: Jose Gallardo / Maribel Garzon


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