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T-shaped Contemporary Mexican House

Part of a gated community in Mexico’s Guadalajara region, this project was designed in such a way as to make the most of the site while providing privacy and comfort for its owners. The design chosen by Hernandez Silva architects is a T-shaped house plan, where the ground floor and the top floor sometimes intersect and overlap, but also cantilever, giving lightness and personality to the design. The materials are concrete, wood and glass, in different proportions from space to space. The sides visible from the street have a very clear horizontal division on two floors. The ground floor is clad in horizontal wood planks, while the top floor alternates glass and concrete. The main entrance is concealed by a wood clad wall that, making this facade a continuous windowless wall that protects the privacy of the occupants. The light in the entrance area comes from big glazed walls that overlook the internal perimeter of the property, over decorative water basins. The living room area is open and benefits from double ceiling height, along with a lot of natural light coming through the glazed facades. These glazed facades open up onto outdoors terraces that can be used almost year-round, thanks to the tropical climate of the region. The top floor cantilevers into the garden, shading the outdoor decked terrace and making it the perfect spot for dining.

The top floor, where the bedrooms are located, has many floor to ceiling glazed walls. The solution found by the architects in order to ensure privacy was to render the bottom side of the glass opaque.
In the living area, exposed concrete walls are alternated with white painted walls and glazed walls. The double height amplifies the feeling of open space and light.
A long linear minimalistic fireplace is cut in the double height concrete wall overlooking the sitting area. The two red textile armchairs and the big yellow painting bring touches of colour to the neutral interior. The Arco floor lamp is more decorative than a necessary, as the space is naturally lit.
An internal gallery overlooks the living room from the upper floor. Protected by a glass balustrade, this gallery can be closed for privacy by a pair of folding wooden shutters.
The indoors dining area communicates freely with the outdoors one, as the glass doors can be completely open.


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