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Modernist terraced house with disappearing walls and minimalist interiors

Los Angeles architecture firm New Theme designed this contemporary style house with a exteriors that stand out for their modernist style, and interiors that invite outdoor living at every turn. This curiously named California house, dubbed Green Greenberg Green House, features sliding glass walls that open to nature, bringing a green scene to every room. But that’s not to say this outdoor living house plan falls short inside, where bold architectural details give these minimalist interiors their edge. From its futuristic facade and terraced exterior, to the chic interiors, there’s lots to explore.

The home’s interesting aesthetic was largely dictated by the site constraints, the program and the view. The architects explain, “The shape and orientation is designed for maximum exposure to the prevailing winds at strategic locations, which facilitate the building’s ability to use natural ventilation. The form of the building gently fits a large program onto the awkwardly-shaped site by using the site’s unusual form: shifts and movements of the site are used to enhance daylight and natural air flow distribution.”
While the home’s facade is a solid, white surface, the interior edge is lined with balconies and sliding glass doors that blur the boundary between indoors and out, while extending living space off into the horizon – visually, at least.
No matter what room you’re in, or what floor for that matter, you’ll enjoy serene vistas and direct access to the pool and manicured garden.
By night, the artfully illuminated pool and chic, modern interiors have a club like atmosphere.
Minimalist interiors have a futuristic aesthetic, while an all white palette and organically shaped architectural details that suggest a futuristic style.
This open concept living area, dining space and bar is your all-in-one entertaining area, dressed to the nines and ready for company.
The sliding glass walls all but disappear, transforming interiors into sun-soaked, fresh and airy outdoor living rooms.
The kitchen carries the characteristic modernist house style, with a gently rounded white kitchen island and a cluster of modern pendant lights suspended from the recessed ceiling.
The minimalist island meets a rich bank of cabinets done in a warm, natural wood.
Thoughtfully selected artwork punctuates this cool, clean space.
The intimate kitchen area opens to this vast, while cavernous foyer with a sculptural staircase zigzagging its way up.
The rustic wood steps warm up this otherwise cold space.
The wood floors extend out to the terraces, creating a seamless transition from inside out.
What a dreamy room! It’s like sleeping in the outdoors.
The bathroom is strikes a balance between contemporary and natural style, with wood cabinetry and an amazing concrete tub and enclosure, topped by an undulating ceiling and a skylight overhead.
This bath has a very different, but equally interesting style. A sculptural, freestanding bathtub takes its place center stage, and a modern fireplace just behind it gives this space a warm, cozy feel.
New Theme
via Contemporist


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