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New Python Leather Tile from Edelman Leather

edelman python tile New Python Leather Tile from Edelman Leather
What’s old is new again with an Art Deco period Edelman’s Python patterned leather floor tile. “Why python leather” you ask? Edelman’s leather tiles are a high quality, unique, and durable solution for residential as well as commercial applications. These tiles can be used for either wall or floor application with the use of a very skilled installer. All it takes to maintain this distinctive tile is an occasional carnauba waxing; no cleaning necessary! The naturally occurring patina from wear and tear will only add to the majesty of these tiles. You can add your own style to these tiles with your company logo or any other custom design embossed into the surface. Edelman tiles have been featured in 20 design magazines including the October of 2005 issue of Architectural Digest. Browse through Edelman’s webpage at Edelman Leather for inspiration as to where you can introduce leather tiles into your own environment.



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