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Pyrolave Countertops – glazed lava countertops

Introducing Pyrolave – the latest in modern countertops. Produced by a French company with the same name, by enamelling natural volcanic rock (Volvic lava) at 1020° C. The Volvic lava rock is also known as Technicon Lavastone or, in mineralogy, as Andesite. Pyrolave possesses the most qualities to satisfy today’s countertop requirements – it’s durable, chemicals resistant, ultra-violet resistant, knock resistant, compression resistant, doesn’t deteriorate, withstands frost and harsh weather, will not rot, doesn’t shrink, retains heat and does not hold bacteria (non-porous). It’s also used in flooring, paneling and wall coverings. With its unlimited choice of colors (5000), finishes, formats and shiny rich surface you make it what you want it to be – give it that 70’s look or, in deep translucent colors, a modern touch. Pyrolave



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