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PSC sinks and bathtubs – the amazing products!

psc logo big flowers sink PSC sinks and bathtubs   the amazing products!
We’ve discovered PSC… this company makes some amazing products including wooden basins, flower sinks, cocoon bathtubs and bathroom mirrors of some unusual design with a mirror-mounted faucets.
Shown is the Logo collection’s Big Flowers pedestal sink. A petal-edged vessel in daffodil-yellow colored crystal on a leafy green Azzura glass countertop and brushed aluminum floor-mounted stand, this piece will beautify any home. Standing in front of a metallic frame mirror with mirror-mounted faucet, this washbasin creates a blooming effect.
We also like the PSC Nevobad collection’s luxurious Cocoon bathtub, with a glass front panel, and a contemporary Vis-a-vis bathtub. Made from a synthetic material Duralan that is repairable, both bathtubs are very rigid and are designed to minimize heat loss. They are available with an infinite choice of colors and decoration motifs.
Another innovative creation, the Images Glasgow Wood sink from PSC is made of Maple or Iroko, an African, rot-resistant wood, treated with an epoxy resin and hand-polished, and is very durable.
P.S. Craftsmanship Corp., 800-990-5539.

Nevobad collection’s Cocoon bathtub
psc nevobad cocoon bathtub PSC sinks and bathtubs   the amazing products!
Nevobad collection’s Vis-a-vis bathtub
The Images Glasgow Wood sink



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