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Prism Table by Maurie Novak Looks Different from Every Angle

prism table maurie novak looks different every angle 1 thumb 630xauto 33486 Prism Table by Maurie Novak Looks Different from Every Angle

Prism Table was designed by Maurie Novak for MN Design – an emerging Architectural and Design practice located in Melbourne, Australia – as a thought provoking piece that takes one visual concept and applies it to another. While refracting light passing through crystals creates prisms, this coffee table is made with Stainless Steel and glass, colourful light refraction will happen seldom if at all. So how does the table work? With the addition of a third material that mimics the concept of the light rays, that’s how.

prism table maurie novak looks different every angle 2 thumb 630xauto 33488 Prism Table by Maurie Novak Looks Different from Every Angle

While light rays are not a substance that can be held and touched, the “rays” seen here most definitely are. I love an artistic interpretation of what is being replaced with what seems to be and the Prism Table is no exception. Maurie likes to push the boundaries of the ordinary – defying reality and making the viewer think twice. He has succeeded when those not in the know want to find out more about how something works.


Prism Table tells a story. No matter which angle it is viewed from it features a new combination of colours just like a prism refracting light. It is mesmerizing in its simplicity. The lines of colour emerge from a single Stainless Steel bar and transform as they travel across the frame.


The weaving and twisting creates a geometric composition that is far more fluid then static. The mixing of colours zipping across the planes create a sense of continual movement – this is not a table to cover up with vases and memorabilia but rather one to feature free of clutter enjoying its minimalist formation.


At 120Wx120Lx46H cm or 47.2Wx47.2Lx18.1H inches, the Prism Table is perfectly sized as a coffee table and with the myriad of colours running through a clean and simple profile it will easily fit into most colour schemes.


The Prism Table is currently available for purchase, and oh yes the third material that creates the prism effect is – drum roll please – coloured elastics. The genius of the concept is as awesome as the final result.
Prism Table
MN Design



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