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Power-napping Bed from Napshell for your luxury home

You might not have realized you needed a power-napping bed – but once you have seen this futuristic creation by Napshell you’ll feel your life is totally incomplete without it. The newest technological innovation, this item was presented for the first time at the International Furniture Fair IMM COLOGNE 2008. Ergonomically designed to be good for your back and spine, the Napshell bed’s super comfy shaped mattress will fit a wide range of body types and heights. Visual and acoustic elements within the bed make instant, deep relaxation possible at the press of a button. Complete with LED lights, MP3 player and sound proof walls, the Napshell is a busy businessperson’s ultimate dream come true. Perfect for urban places and confined spaces, the power-napping bed can fit neatly into offices, corridors or lobbies. Available to buy now, contact Napshell.



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