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Porthole Tub from The Water Monopoly – timeless luxury

We couldn’t pass on the funky looking Porthole tub from The Water Monopoly. It is modeled of the original French Cleo bath fitted with portholes. Matching original French style accessories are also available. Based in London, The Water Monopoly makes reproductions of antique English and French bathroom ware. Their unique line of products include rare antique pieces such as copper, ceramic and canopy shower baths. “Each item comes complete with fittings which are converted to fit modern pipe sizes worldwide, so installation is straightforward.” The Water Monopoly, +44(0)20 7624 2636. Buy Porthole tub from Martin Lane, Inc., Los Angeles, 310-274-1231.

We also like the Bateau bath (Boat in English) – it is a reproduction of the French Bateau tub with polished iron exterior (left) … And, of course, there’s nothing like the Canopy, the original English canopy shower bath (right).


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