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Mobile Fireplace by Maison Fire inspired by trash can

Maison Fire, the Italian maker of exclusive bio-fireplaces, presents this cool, mobile fireplace that brings the heat wherever you want it. Inside or out, the Spazzacamino mobile fireplace will indeed be a hot focal point, both in terms of looks and temperature. The innovative fireplace enclosure by designers Mirko Varischi, Tania Alessio and Andrea Bremer is inspired by a trash can but boasts an ironically clean and contemporary finish as a modern twist. Topping off this funky fireplace design is a “garbage can” lid that you can use to extinguish the flame. This mobile fireplace will be a hotspot at your next soiree – especially with cooler temperatures on the horizon. But regardless of the weather, whether indoors or out, the Spazzacamino fireplace is a hot home essential. For details visit Maison Fire.



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