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Plaza Duo Double Bath from Kaldewei – a bathtub for two

Reclining and relaxing in hot bubbly baths is a luxury we all can appreciate, but also one we find difficult to share in traditional bathtubs. Offering enough space for two to bathe side-by-side in comfort, the innovative Plaza Duo Double Bath features a unique rounded shape. An intimate experience, shared bathing can help maintain harmonious relationships providing the much needed personal time. The Plaza Duo Bath features a wide sloping back for comfortable relaxing while the bottom tapers in slightly. With the new Kaldewei waterfall inlet integrated into the side of the bathtub, there is no faucet to get in the way of your comfort. Designed by Phoenix Design the double bath is ideal for spas, exclusive hotels or luxury home bathrooms. A fantastic way to turn daily cleaning into a shared bonding experience, the Plaza Duo Bath by Kaldewei adds luxury to home bathing.


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