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Personalizing a Kitchen – with your favorite decor objects

Demode makes it very easy to personalize a kitchen with all your favorite decor objects. They are very environmentally conscious and they believe in a modest lifestyle in order to maintain our planet’s resources. Needless to say, their philosophy is the driving force behind their product design. Their super simple, environmentally friendly and modern kitchens inspire us on many levels. The one featured here has a neutral achromatic color scheme – black, white and grey and has been cleverly designed so that everything you need can sit against a wall, saving space and encouraging a more minimal lifestyle. From a decor perspective, this kitchen is great because with its neutral color scheme and simple design you can pair your favorite and most colorful items for a tailored and personalized look. For example, the rustic wooden table provides a nice contrast to the kitchen, while splashes of color, such as a yellow wall, mismatched chairs and a green artistic hood give the space a fresh eclectic look. And a whole different feel can be achieved by simply switching out these superficial items without having to change the kitchen. So basically, a neutral, modern and simply designed kitchen such as this one, by Demode, is a great strategy if you are looking to achieve some versatility regarding decorating.



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