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Pale Wood and Bright Color Combination Showcased by Ryntovt Design

With the trend in home design being all about creating connectivity between both the indoor and outdoor zones, the line is getting blurred when it comes to material choices for both. Indoor patterns are being featured on outdoor fabrics and natural wood and plant life are consistently being used within the interiors. All white schemes and dark wood stained furniture is slowly being replaced with rooms that are wrapped in clear wood both within the furnishings and the architecture itself. Vases of short-lived flowers are being replaced in favor of trees, tree branches and/or living walls. What is still a constant however is the use of color to create drama rather whether through paintings, fabrics or feature walls and Ryntovt Design has showcased through this Ukrainian home how exciting a scheme of pale woods and pops of bright color can be.

The family room is a minimalist design that features only the necessary furnishings and virtually no dust collectors, and yet this room is fun filled and full of life thanks to three distinctly different design features of which the most obvious is the color packed painting casually leaning against the wall. The second is the wall itself which has been wallpapered in a pattern resembling a crumpled sheet of brown paper, the shade of the wallpaper blends beautifully with the tones featured in the wood flooring.
The third highlight within the family room is the custom designed media console that uses white colored river rock as supports for the top surface – how cool is that? I absolutely love this design and the way the architects created it out of a wood cabinet in a clear finish surrounded by a white framework. The added touch of a glass vase featuring 3 tree branches is just icing on the eye candy.
family room wall is the kitchen and softening up the corner is a specimen tree that adds not only color but texture as well.
Just in case there is a show or sporting event on TV that the cook wants to follow, there is a second TV mounted on the far wall of the kitchen. Some might think that TV’s in more then one room ties you to them, but actually it’s the opposite, having more then one TV in a home frees you up from the one location to move freely to the next without loosing a beat.
The far wall features the same wallpaper as in the family room and just like the media console, the cabinets and dining table have all been custom designed by the architect.
The kitchen cabinets have been created out of two different woods. The lower and fridge cabinets are clad in horizontal grained clear wood while the uppers are vertically grained knotty wood. Layered into this woodsy aesthetic is the curvy branch handles on the fridge facing and that really awesome looking backsplash. No color is used on this vignette but there is so much to look at that it doesn’t matter.
Within the kitchen is the dining area and since this is a large room, the dining table can seat up to 12 but it can also double as extra counter space when preparing large meals.
The dining table is a double solid wood slab with a living edge on one side and to play up the asymmetry of the tabletop, the architects have used opposing style seating on either side. On the geometric plank side they have positioned geometric white benches – on the living edge side they have positioned curvy grey upholstered chairs that match the drapery behind them. It’s such a simple thing to do but the effect on the vignette is dramatic.
The living room just outside of the kitchen is fitted within a U shaped alcove created by the kitchen and the master suite which is cleverly hidden behind a door in the hallway library. The living room and the kitchen both have floor to ceiling windows that overlook, well its hard to tell because they have been covered in shears that have a forest printed on them. That’s right, those are not real trees you see between the draperies, talk about blurring the lines between the inside and the outside!
A custom shelving unit behind the sectional extends the wall past its actual corner so that the seating does not extend into the hallway. The unit is a creative design of open shelving that is deep against a void within the cabinetry and narrow against the wood extension and here too the architects played up the design duality by creating a coffee table vignette of two tables with different sizes and heights but identical design.
The open shelving stopped 1 foot short of the edge of the unit because there are three narrow pull out storage compartments on the extended edge of the cabinet. The custom-made dowel pin hinges on the pull out doors add a unique flavour to the cabinetry.
The vertical grained knotty wood used on the room extending section of the cabinetry is replaced with horizontal clear-grained wood for the library. It is the same combination of woods featured in the kitchen and just like in the kitchen; the pairing of woods combined with the third wood used in the flooring is warm and inviting.
Through the doorway within the library is the master suite with the first zone dedicated to relaxing, the second to sleeping and the third to the ensuite. The first two zones are divided by a custom cabinet that has a screen attached that can be pulled open to block the view of the bed from the hallway or closed to create a connection between the sitting and sleeping areas.
Additionally a small desk pulls out of the cabinet to create a laptop, Ipad, or writing station.
There is also a comfy chair on the bedroom side of the cabinet and a floor lamp can be positioned to create reading light for either side.
The headboard wall has a unique light valance that provides both directional and ambient lighting and while one window wall has the same tree printed shears, the other is covered with shutters to allow maximum light to enter while providing privacy from the exterior.
Beside the bed two glass paneled doors leading to the ensuite and the walk-in closet. The glass panels let light travel back and forth but the textured pattern within the glass keeps the spaces private. These doors are used throughout the home and the organic texture within them adds to the outdoor flavor of the spaces.
The ensuite walls and floor are covered in large 12″x24″ white porcelain tiles but even here, custom woodworking bring in a forest flavor – especially within the stump stool.
A second bedroom is tucked in behind the stairwell, across from the master suite and the potent emerald green wall clearly visible through the door creates a visual connection with the painting in the family room.
Creating a whimsical nature juxtaposition is a black and white photograph of a forest mounted against the bright green wall but the fun doesn’t stop there. The custom wardrobe next to the bed has somewhat random circular voids cut into its doors for hand pulls and the cabinet below the desk is also bright green, however one of the “funnest” feature of all is the tree branch light stand with exposed bulb next to the bed.
The fifth fun moment in the bedroom is within the homework station. Here a curvy branch travels from the floor, through the desk and shelves, stopping short just shy of the ceiling and ending with a bird perched on top.
I wonder if the pencils poking out of the desktop compartment represent worms for the bird to feed on?
This bedroom also has its own private bathroom and it features the same white tiles as seen in the master ensuite, but here the white counter has been replaced with wood and while a chrome heated towel rack is mounted on the wall, a tree branch next to it acts as a place to hang a robe.
This bathroom is the only room in the house with living blooms via the white orchid on the window sill but since this is a plant rather then cut blossoms, the flowers last for a very long time.
On the far end of the bathroom is the tub and like the master ensuite a stump stool creates the perfect place to perch before or after a soak.
Across from the living room is the third bedroom. It has the same emerald green headboard wall as the other bedroom but instead of having a work station across from the bed, it has a much bigger one beside the bed.
This bedroom presents a clean, modern aesthetic with plenty of storage.
The main bathroom comes complete with separate tub and walk-in shower as well as a bidet.
While the main bathroom might have more features then the master ensuite, it sacrifices the length of both the counter and mirror in order to do so. This mirror also needs to do double duty as a sliding panel that does or does not cover the window.
House for Life by Ryntovt Design, is a 2906sqft family home located in the Ukraine.
Photography is by Andrew Avdeenko


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