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Padded Chairs, Stools and Footstools by Richard Lampert

padded-chairs-stools-and-footstools by-richard-lampert-1.jpg
These stools and footstools were designed by Alexander Siegried for Richard Lampert’s “Tom Stool’ collection. The signature quirk in this collection – stools are designed with two or three cushions, stacked, for extra comfort. Choose from Little Tom (two cushion low stool), Big Tom (bar stool), Fat Tom (three cushion low stool). And don’t forget the H57 easy chair (designed by Herbert Herche), which really was the start of it all. Lampert wanted something to compliment the chair and Tom Stool was born. Multiple colors, fabric or leather, sizes and choices make it possible to create the collection as your own in a personal way. When piled on top of each other (Fat Tom), the cushions look like donuts! The frame is tubular steel and comes in two color options — black, or black with chrome foot rail (see below). The bar stools come in two heights, and the short stools can also be used as foot rests. It’s a versatile, comfortable accent for a contemporary chair. And the best part is, with all of the different options available, you can make it your own.

padded-chairs-stools-and-footstools by-richard-lampert-2.jpg
Many different mix and match styles are available.
padded-chairs-stools-and-footstools by-richard-lampert-3.jpg
padded-chairs-stools-and-footstools by-richard-lampert-4.jpg
Isn’t this ochre a vibrant color?
padded-chairs-stools-and-footstools by-richard-lampert-5.jpg
padded-chairs-stools-and-footstools by-richard-lampert-6.jpg
Choose two or three cushions on your stool.
More information: Richard Lampert


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