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Oversized Pendant Lamp Chiarodì by Metal Lux

Part of their new Chiarodì collection, these ceiling fixtures from high-end lighting manufacturer Metal Lux make a vivid statement in the center of any space. With two distinct personalities on offer, half the collection being finished in weathered-look metals and the other half in polished paint hues, the Pendent lamp has a flavor that will fit into any room in your home. You could go for a bright red in a kitchen or living room, then transition to more intimate details with a burnished copper look in private spaces; this fixture is able to do both. Each style has a universal interior, lined with a minimal and tasteful floral-style designEasily large enough to light an entire room on its own, this vast hanging torch eliminates the need for the clutter of smaller, more localized lighting with luxurious style.
Made from thick porcelain, these hanging designs may not be drop-safe but they sure are sturdy enough to survive their duties at head height. Two sizes are available, tallying in at 60cm and 90cm in diameter, respectively. While neither of those are compact by any means, each may be suited for different-sized rooms. In total, six finishes are available. The metal coatings are gold, silver, and copper, while the paint colors are black, white, and red. This Pendant Lamp design is a perfect, eye-catching vertical centerpiece for almost any room, be it a communal recreation space or a private chamber.

Metal Lux


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