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Outdoor Recessed Bathtub from Teuco – new Hydrospa Seaside 640

Teuco’s latest bath innovation brings the experience outdoors with the new Teuco Hydrospa Seaside 640 outdoor recessed bathtub. The Seaside 640 built-in bathtub is designed with two objectives in mind – a pleasing aesthetic, and a satisfying bathing experience. It delivers on both fronts. The minimal, recessed design blends into any surroundings. The bath incorporates a lower-body massage via 16 integrated jets, while relaxing in a comfortable seated position. Movable polyamide-covered headrests let you kick back in true carefree comfort. At the foot of the outdoor tub design, cushions covered in the same polyamide fabric create a comfortable spot to stretch out under an open sky. Ambient lighting surrounds the tub perimeter, while two underwater lights and a lit waterfall complete the illuminated water experience. For more information on this new recessed bathtub visit Italian company Teuco.



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