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Outdoor Egg Chair by Peter Ghyczy – waterproof chair for outdoors

This outdoor egg chair has been transformed by Peter Ghyczy into a fresher, more modern version of classic 1960’s seating. The Outdoor Egg chair has a streamlined design that is simultaneously retro and futuristic. However, its unique egg shape is more than aesthetic – it is the inherent characteristic that makes this chair such a clever design. When closed, the “shell” of this chair protects what is inside, rendering the seat completely waterproof, thus making it ideal for outdoor use. This highly functional and versatile piece of furniture is also portable and lightweight, allowing the user to change its position on a whim. The shell of this egg chair is silver metallic lacquer, while the comfortable cushion is upholstered in a durable fabric available in a plethora of vibrant colors. To make your outdoor living spaces more comfortable – and more fun, you can buy this chair for £1375 or US$ 2,663 at DesignShop UK


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