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Chic and Modern Open Space Decorating Ideas

Having an open floor plan is quite beneficial. In theory, there’re multiple benefits to having an open space, including an abundance of lighting throughout two or more areas, and the convenience that comes with it as you entertain your guests. If you are seeking to upgrade your open space, here are some chic open space decorating ideas that will help you do just that.

Mediterranean with a Twist

When going for a Mediterranean feel consider wood in a bold manner, specifically blond wood. Blond wood is great for giving a rustic feel but in a softer man with a brightening effect.

Have you ever wanted to have a Mediterranean touch in your home yet can’t figure out how to do it the right way? If that is the case, displaying an abundance of wood and pairing it with modern bits is the way to go. The idea is to have similar décor in both rooms for an expansive feel that flows throughout.

Minimal & Sleek

The idea is to keep your decor as minimal as possible without taking away from what you already have or the architecture of the room. The room should feel put together and grand yet still minimal.

Sometimes a room doesn’t need much décor to look and feel more open. A minimal and sleek display could be exactly what you need. Consider having few décor pieces in the same color scheme to have both spaces feel like one but with slight differences.

Same Palette

When it comes to your color palette, consider having a blend of neutrals. Neutrals are perfect because they help the space feel put together yet grand all at the same time.

Whether you have an open space that combines the living room and the kitchen or the dining room and the foyer you want to have the same color palette felt throughout. The idea is for the hues to work well together yet apart, but with hints in similarity.

Pops of Color

Pops of color are one of those things that simply make sense in any room. They add that simplistic touch of personality that is always a great idea.

Color is always a good idea, particularly when you are working with blending two areas of a home together. The idea is to have these pops of color bring together a room in a seamless manner, consider your selected color as the glue to the room. Keep the rest of your décor neutral to allow the color to fully pop in the room.


The more wood the grander the room will feel, which in return will give you that seamless rustic approach that we all know and love. This will work well in any room, especially in the outdoor space.

Rustic décor has always been a top contender for us, not just because of how well it blends with other color schemes, but because of how easy it is to blend into any room. A hint of farmhouse, rustic décor makes a huge difference whether you want to have a room full of wood or you just want a bit of focus here and there.

Formal Affairs

Formal decor is just one of those things that many of us can’t seem to figure out exactly how to do it. The idea is to have bits that are elegant without taking away from the aesthetics of the room itself.

If you read the title you know, this post is all about chic décor, that works to create a chic atmosphere. Keeping that in mind, having a formal display is a great way to have your décor come back to life. Additionally, having elegant pieces will not only make the room feel chic but it will help the space feel put together and grand.

Vaulted Ceilings

When it comes to vaulted ceilings, the key is having a bold light fixture that brings everything back to life in a unique manner.

We love the idea of vaulted ceilings- its chic appeal is just so grand that it makes two spaces feel like one. Pair your vaulted ceilings with bold, light fixtures to brighten the room and make your vaulted ceilings feel even taller. A tall ceiling is always a great idea.

Contemporary, Please

When it comes to contemporary color and unique lines are one of the best ways to fully embrace the space. There is just something about them that enhances the room in an overall well manner.

Contemporary décor is one of those decorating hacks that brightens the room yet gives it character and texture. If you really want to add a contemporary feel to any room go for a dark, intricate decorative bit. The darkness will bring an edge to the room yet enhances it in an overall manner. It’s the perfect blend that brings beauty all at once.

Glamourous Accent

OH, how we love glamour! Add a bold, light fixture and give it that elegant twist by adding a metallic bit that brights the room overall.

When in doubt, bring on the glamour. Glamour is always one of those things that we love to see and appreciate it even more in your home. Add a glamorous chandelier or a few light fixtures in order to bring beauty and femininity into one simple space. Think of it as that element that helps your home feel almost like a showroom.


When going for a monochromatic appeal, consider using the darkest hue as the main element and the lighter one as the accent bits.

Bring on the monochrome for a beautiful pairing that makes sense in the room. A monochromatic pairing is a perfect way of bringing everything you need while having a color-rich balance. Think of it as one of the best ways of blending your décor in a big, bold kind of way.

How do you decorate your open space? Share with us your ideas in the comments below.


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