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Open Plan Loft with Amazingly High Ceilings

Who wouldn’t want this open plan loft with amazingly high ceilings? Being the only living space on the top floor, the loft gets light from all directions, increasing the amount of natural light to ecstatic levels. Of course, the numerous windows and skylights also help in this area. The ceiling gets up to an astonishing 16ft high, opening up the space and giving it that grand feeling. The floor to ceiling bookcase really accentuates the height of the space and perfectly adds some shapes and colors to the otherwise very big, very white, possibly overpowering wall. The fireplace is another astonishing element and creates a nice focal point in the room and welcomes in some coziness. The furniture and accessories are of a varied style and shapes and give the space a global feel. The color scheme is dominated by black and white and bursts of warm colors such as golds, yellows and earthy browns. Also worth mentioning are the marvelous Boffi kitchen and bathrooms that bring a contemporary touch. Overall, this is a breathtaking open plan loft that we absolutely had to share with you. In case you are interested, this Swedish loft is for sale at Eklund Stockholm New York.
via Freshome.



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