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Ondine’s Electronic Light Shower (ELS) – Chromatherapy shower from Interbath

Ondine Electronic Light Shower has a showerhead with 270 nozzles. To illuminate water, the light is distributed to each nozzle using fiber optics. The halogen light source can continuously change colors or it can stop at a color of your choice. Just turn on the light switch and the Ondine Shower will illuminate the entire bathroom via a one-inch fiber optic cable. In addition to this already incredible design, the Krystal*ELS showerhead model features Strass Swarovski Crystal and is available in Polished Gold (ELSK_PG) or Chrome (ELSK_CH). The Standard model (25180) doesn’t have Swarovski Crystal and comes in Brushed Nickel, Satin Chrome and just Chrome. Interbath

ELS is designed with Chromatherapy (Color therapy ) in mind – you’ll be showering not just with water but also with light. Interbath’s Ondine line of products also features the Electronic Shower System (ESS) where ELS can be included.
ELS in blue, green and yellow light cycles
Ondine’s limited edition Krystal ELS in Polished Gold and Chrome finishes. The blue light from Ondine Shower as seen from outside.


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