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New Toyo Ito bathroom Collection for Altro – “Water flowing through forms”

The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces, for many it is where we unwind and relax at the end of the day. Toyo Ito has created a sweeping sculptured bathroom collection that takes natural shapes and forms to produce gentle soothing designs. The vanity and basin use smooth water worn shapes reminiscent of sand at the sea. The Corian surface has a sharp defined edge near the outlet which fades away on the sloping side. The soap rest is a simple circle as if a single drop of rain had fallen. Toyo Ito’s matching faucet is a twisting looping form that arches over the sink as gracefully as a bird. The lever is an elegant curve, which rests like a loose ribbon. As the user moves around the bathroom, the serpentine faucet presents new and captivating profiles. A lush organic design, Altro’s Toyo Ito collection will bring modern tranquillity to the bathroom.


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