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New Teuco whirlpool bath – Ysola H551-551 Hydrosilence bath

The new Teuco Ysola H551-551 Hydrosilence whirlpool bath makes the bathing experience a luxury comfort. A decadent deep oval bath, the Ysola features black padded back rests and a distinctive side window. The windows are perfect for a dramatic lighting effect, or just showing off the swirling air jets. Crisp clean lines and the smooth flowing shape give a modern style to this free-standing bath. With warm stirring waters, the whirlpool bath sooths away your aches and pains with only the bubbling sound of water to disturb you. They new Hydrosilence system provides a fabulous whirlpool experience without the harsh sound of motors and pumps. The silent system means you are free to relax in luxury any time day or night, without disturbing others. For sensuous massage and a broad range of health benefits, a whirlpool bath makes bathing a restorative experience. Teuco also offer the Ysola with an optional Hydrosonic feature, that provides deep massage with ultrasonic waves.


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