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Teuco Bathtub Sorgente – new whirlpool tub to sooth your worries away

Teuco Sorgente Bathtub installed flat with the floor
A bathtub to blend seamlessly into your bathroom, the sunken profile of the new Sorgente Teuco Bathtub eradicates barriers between the water and surfaces surrounding it. It becomes a part of its environment, and can be covered with the same material as the area around it. Plunging into the hot bath to sooth aches and restore your peace of mind is possible at any time… the tub can be left full and ready for a soak at any time you please. Fitted with 8 Hydrosilence whirlpool jets, the tub’s function is super quiet to ensure that you will have a tranquil experience. In the Sorgente bathtub you can also enjoy the benefits of a control panel or remote control operation, plus underwater lighting, a magnetic headrest, and a pull-out shower with a flexible hose. It fills automatically and treats the water with its internal filtration system for your convenience. From Teuco, the Sorgente Bathtub is a stylish and practical item for your well-being. Interested in more Trendir listed whirlpool bathtubs?
Teuco Sorgente Bathtub is a new sunken whirlpool tub that can be left full with water

Teuco Sorgente Bathtub shown with the overflow channel


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