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New Tess Modern Kitchen from Scavolini will transcend trends…

Scavolini kitchen Tess
Gorgeous, gleaming surfaces and a combination of high-specification molded cupboards and stainless steel tops and detailing: the new Tess modern kitchen from Scavolini. Looking rather like a space age traditional American diner, the kitchen shows a sharp futuristic edge, but also radiates a comfortable retrospective appeal. This clever combination means this kitchen will never look out-of-date, rather, it will be appreciated for its smart and distinctive look for many years to come. Picking a playful colour from the fabulous palette, such as the appealing baby blue pictured here, is just the start of all the fun you’ll have with the Tess. The true beauty of the kitchen lies in the design – hygiene, ease of use and daring design all play their part in this refreshing kitchen. Sleek and modern, the new Tess kitchen from Scavolini is for those who know that this kind of quality will endure.
Scavolini kitchen Tess - island with a curved front
Scavolini kitchen Tess - island stainless steel countertop top view
Scavolini kitchen Tess - end cabinet side door

Scavolini kitchen Tess - curved front cabinets


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