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New Sorrento 02 Airspa tub from Victoria & Albert Baths – hydrotherapy for two

The Sorrento 02 Airspa is a luxury hydrotherapy tub you want. Designed in the Japanese ‘ofuro’ style, 37 3/8″ wide by 55 1/8″ long by 39 3/8″ high, it is compact enough to fit most bathrooms and large enough to comfortably seat two. Seat down side-by-side on a built-in ergonomic bench, start the 02 airspa with a waterproof floatable radio remote control and let the hydrotherapy relax your stressed muscles and nerves with the powerful 17-jets system… Priced at around £1,999 or US $ 3,500. Victoria & Albert Baths

The Sorrento tub comes with three installation options: freestanding, sunken half way, or as a total drop-in with decking up to the rim.
Also available in a soaking tub version, with no airspa system.


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