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Countertop Basins – 4 new basin designs from Victoria & Albert, 2009

New from Victoria & Albert: lovely countertop basins to complement their exclusive range of bathtubs. There are 4 new basin designs to coordinate with the tubs under the same names: Ravello, Ios, Amalfi and Napoli. Each countertop basin, like each tub, is rendered in stunning, hard-wearing Quarrycast (finely ground volcanic rock and resin) so they are naturally brilliant white with a high-shine finish. This cool, classic white finish keeps your attention firmly on the uncluttered lines and the sweeping curves of the basins. Ravello flairs open from the bottom to top, to become wide and welcoming. Ios is a simple, rimless sink that gets straight to the point. Amalfi has a pleasing, asymmetrical line and Napoli is an oval, egg-like countertop sink. Imperturbable, calming designs to make your bathroom a place of serenity. From Victoria & Albert, for 2009.
Read about Victoria & Albert’s coordinating bathtubs here: contemporary Napoli, modern Ravelo & Amalfi and compact Ios.



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