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Compact Bathtubs – Ios bathtub by Victoria & Albert

Perfect for urban dwellers short on space, but fond of proper baths… the Ios compact bathtubs are by Victoria & Albert. Delightful double-ended bathtubs, they pack a whole lot of bathtub into a neat and compact package! The convenient double-ended style of the bathtub is made even more user-friendly by locating the faucet separate to the free-standing bath. The floor-mounted faucet stands discretely behind the tub. The tap, handles, and even a hand-held shower head option are tucked tidily away to leave the tub surface itself smooth and uninterrupted. This means you can even enjoy bathing with a friend in the surprisingly roomy, deep-sided Ios! Contact Victoria & Albert to bring the timeless allure of the Ios compact bathtub home today.
Another great way to save space in the bathroom is with a shower / bathtub combination like this one here…



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