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New Kohler Entertainment Sink Cordial – innovative cast iron design

[New Product Coverage from KBIS 2008]
Kohler Cordialent K-6490-2-FT entertainment sink in Basalt with Simplice secondary faucet
A rare material in modern sink design: this cast iron entertainment sink is the Cordial by Kohler. The special properties of cast iron allow Kohler to realise superb designs that meet the needs of modern living, and elegantly entertaining guests. The Cordial sink, in an understated Basalt tone, incorporates an extended rim to accommodate a handy matching cutting board, in charcoal gray. You can prepare fresh mint and lime slices for your mojito in this most convenient location, right after you wash them! A smart ice mold likewise is incorporated so you can chill up to three bottles of wine at a time. This is also a pouring tray to contain spills within the sink. These details add up to a usability that does Kohler proud – and the agreeable nature of the Cordial entertainment sink will be credit to your bar or kitchen.

Kohler Cordial entertainment sink with cutting board and Evoke faucet


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