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Environmentally Friendly Faucets – new sustainable faucets by Teorema

The new Tamo environmentally friendly faucets by Italian company Teorema combine contemporary aesthetics and function, forming the perfect sustainable faucets. Available in three different sizes – small (141 mm), medium (169 mm) and large (293 mm ) – the Tamo faucet features a softly oval base with a simple, sleek spout that delivers hot and cold water, and temperature is regulated by a single integrated mixer. These environmentally friendly faucets come in classic chrome, black and white finishes. Researchers Max Pajetta and Franco Bertoli have achieved “removal of those elements which, over time, have overloaded the image of tap mass market, and have sought the maximum adhesion to the surface functional parts and production logic of the object,” according to Teorema. The result is a modern, minimalist design that soothes the eyes, the body, and the conscience by doing its part for the environment – this sustainable faucet offers a water savings of approximately 50 per cent compared to traditional faucets. Learn more about this innovative design at Teorema.



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