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Decorated Sink by Vitruvit – new shelf and scalene style decorated sinks

Beautiful florals splashed across elegant triangular basins, the new decorated sinks by Vitruvit bring feminine glamour to contemporary bathrooms. The Vitruvit sinks offers a dynamic scalene design wrapped in the curl of soft petals. A stunning example of modern decoration, the basins are covered in a gorgeous graphic pattern. Featuring intense and vibrant colours, the Vitruvit sinks make a dramatic accent to modern vanities and countertops. The Vitruvit basins are available in two styles, a simple geometric basin and one with a built in shelf. A rich addition to minimalist bathroom designs, these basins add a natural stylised beauty. A brilliant new addition to the Vitruvit collection, the Decorated Sinks bring a modern decorative style to unusual triangular basins.


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