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New contemporary bathroom faucet collection from Rubinetterie Stella – the Bamboo Series

Bamboo has made its way into most aspects of contemporary interior design, including this unique Bamboo faucet from Rubinetterie Stella. This contemporary bathroom faucet encompasses various elements and features that create its aesthetic, technical, and economic values. Although sleek and simple by design, this faucet stands out amongst other “minimalist” fixture designs on the market. One innovative feature of this mixer is its ease of operation, as the control handle can be turned towards the user to provide a natural grip, making adjustment effortless. The shape of the spout has been designed so that the water is directed more towards the center of the bowl, eliminating excessive splashing and allowing the user to stand in a more natural position when operating it. Several versions of this bamboo faucet are available, including a swiveling jet that offers more flexibility, and a short spout with or without a swiveling aerator, all of which that are perfect for smaller basins or bidets. This faucet and other products from the Bamboo Collection are available from Rubinetterie Stella.



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