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90-degree angled Bathroom Faucet by Signorini Rubinetterie: new modern Zeus

Signorini Rubinetterie Zeus vessel faucet square version
The Zeus bathroom faucets from Signorini Rubinetterie are ultra-modern and minimalist. The company still produces these sleek faucets with artisan care in Florence – so you can rest assured that you are getting top Italian design by an established, trusted manufacturer. The iconic Zeus faucets come in either a square or rounded version, and are characterized by the precise 90 degrees angle. The design is self-explanatory, and is so perfectly at ease within a contemporary setting. For a look with the ‘wow’ factor, try a floor mounted version of Zeus. This unusually long faucet looks stunning when teamed with a clear sink, the pipe inside extending to the floor and echoing the linear tap. For more information about the exciting Zeus faucets, contact Signorini Rubinetterie.
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Signorini Rubinetterie Zeus lavatory faucet round version
Signorini Rubinetterie Zeus floor mount faucets installed in pair

Signorini Rubinetterie Zeus floor mounted faucet with clear sink


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